Recreation is an experience with us

“We live in a time and place when our day-to-day responsibilities drive us to our physical and mental limits. Consistent lack of time and the burn-out syndrome are synonyms of our modern, yet strained society. Life balance is often left behind.” Roman Kratochvil, owner of Hotel Perchtoldsdorf, a former competitive athlete and Ironman knows what
he’s talking about.

“When our daily burden reaches dimensions only competitive athletes were used to coping with, it’s crucial that recreational phases are optimized to counterbalance the level of stress experienced every day.


”That’s why Roman Kratochvil offers a recreational program at Hotel   Perchtoldsdorf which goes far beyond simple relaxation. It makes   physical and mental recreation an active experience.“With us everyone gets what he or she needs to cope with the demands and start of a new day with refreshed energy.”


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